About us

Hello Wild West! Land of gorse-clad cliffs, booming waves and white sand. This is where we live and create from the bottom of our hearts for your joy. We are a hard working family business based in Devon

We offer birthday cards for kids and adults alike for any occasion. We make fantastic local cards and fridge magnets from Devon and Cornwall for dog lovers too.

 We offer personalised greeting cards, thank you cards. Providing everything from design and print through to finish and delivery. Your logo can be incorporated into the card on the front or back. Write your print message on the inside or back of the card or leave it blank for your own written message. You can choose one of our designs or we can create a personalised design for you.

 Greeting cards can be an incredibly important tool for your business, as you can express your emotions and feelings to your customers and staff.

 They should know that they are your friends and that they are important. Greeting cards can offer that heartwarming and safe feeling of your company leading to creating trust between your business and your customers. You can give your client that personal touch when sending out samples or goods. Greeting cards are one of the best tools for marketing your business and your clients and staff will remember it forever.

Goods you can buy, but only memories stay in your heart forever.

 Emotions influence our decisions and Greeting Cards are a prime way of getting your message across to new or existing customers. Finally, Greeting Cards are good way to promote your website, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media that you may have.

We hope to hear from you soon.